Service Type: Midweek

12-16-20 Advent Midweek 3

December 16, 2020
During our Advent midweek services we’ve been focusing on the Last Day: what life is like for Christians leading up to the Last Day, and what will happen on the Last Day. Tonight we’ll look at what life is like for Christians after the Last Day. Eternal life after the Last Day will be very different from how life is now. In tonight’s reading, life on earth, now, was called “the great tribulation.” Our current…

11-25-20 Thanksgiving Eve

November 25, 2020
It seems 2020 has given us more reason to complain than give thanks. The prayer of most is that God mercifully end this year as quickly as possible. We should be careful what we ask for. There’s no promise that 2021 won’t be worse than 2020. What is there to complain about in 2020? A disease that’s killed some two hundred thousand in our country, the shut-down of the economy, the loss of jobs (including…

12-18-19 Advent 3 Midweek

December 18, 2019
The angels of God will usher the saints into paradise. This is the final point in our Advent midweek services. We already heard how angels protect the saints. Last week we heard how angels preach to the saints and teach us to worship God. And the angels do these things at God’s command, so that, at the end, they can bring us before the Lord to behold with them his face. This is the great…

12-11-19 Advent 2 Midweek

December 11, 2019
In nomine Jesu. We keep the liturgy of the ancient church for four reasons. The first is because we got it from our fathers. You don’t throw out what you got from your fathers, not unless you have a very good reason for doing it. Even Martin Luther, who led the great Reformation of the Christian Church and brought the Gospel back into the hearts of God’s people, changed only what needed to be changed…
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