Series: All Saints

11-7-21 All Saints

November 7, 2021
The world claims to be very reasonable. It boasts in science, facts, empirical evidence, and says it will only believe something if it can be proven. The world claims to be very reasonable. Yet how unreasonable the world is in the face of death. When it comes to dead loved ones the world becomes downright superstitious. All Saints’ Day gives us a good opportunity to critique the world’s opinions about the dead, and talk of…

11-1-20 Trinity 21

November 1, 2020
Jesus preaches the Sermon on the Mount so that you would have hope. Though you be powerless in this world, disenfranchised, ignored if not oppressed, though you suffer grave injustices, terrible pain and grief, though you have shamed yourself, committed grievous sins and errors, so that you hunger and thirst for righteousness, long for mercy, and dream of peace: you shall be filled. Your sorrows, even as your repentance, are not without purpose or without end. Nor should you think it strange. For you do not belong here. This is not your home. The Kingdom of heaven is yours. The earth itself will be yours. And you will be part of a great, joyous reunion in heaven. This is the point of the Beatitudes.
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