Series: Trinity 2022

7-31-22 Trinity 7

July 31, 2022
Jesus is in Gentile lands when He feeds the four thousand. It’s a deserted place south of the Sea of Galilee, barren because it’s summertime, and in that part of the world nothing grows in the summer. There’s no rain and it’s too hot for anything to grow – it’s like Wyoming in July. When Jesus fed the five thousand you might remember that there was a lot of green grass in that place. Nothing…

7-3-22 Trinity 3

July 3, 2022
God is happy when sinners repent and so we should be happy too. Jesus’ picture of repentance is being lost to God and then being found by God. The shepherd leaves the ninety-nine in the wilderness and seeks out the one lost sheep. And this is the most natural thing in the world to us, this instinct to seek something precious to us that has been lost to us. God has implanted it in our…

6-26-22 Trinity 2

June 26, 2022
The world is a dangerous place, but it’s easy to misunderstand where the true danger lies. It’s easy, for instance, to see danger in sickness. When you’re sick, you can feel malfunction in your body and you realize how frail man’s life is. It’s easy to see danger in the rage of unbelievers as they push for communism, as they push for an abortion clinic, as they push against a court that has angered them,…

6-19-22 Trinity 1

June 19, 2022
Abraham was a very rich man. But he didn’t trust in his riches, he didn’t love them. When he and his nephew Lot had too much, so many animals that the land couldn’t hold them all, Abraham told Lot to take the better land and Abraham moved to the not so good land. Who cares? Money isn’t worth fighting over. It’s not worth destroying a relationship with family. God will provide. It would be better…

6-12-22 Holy Trinity

June 12, 2022
We don’t know who wrote the Athanasian Creed. Athanasius didn’t. Someone wrote it in the fifth century and named it after Athanasius. Athanasius lived a good hundred years earlier. He was the great defender of the truth that Jesus is really and truly God, of the same nature as His Father, eternal, begotten, not made. Athanasius was on and off again pastor or bishop in Alexandria, Egypt, which was at the time the second largest…
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