School History

Mount Hope Lutheran Church began as a mission church in Casper, Wyoming in 1962. The church building was completed in 1964 and an educational wing was added in 1982. A preschool for three and four year olds began the following year and has continued to the present. But just as our Saxon forefathers in 1839 had a vision to provide day schools with all churches, the members at Mount Hope Lutheran Church intended to start a school. In mid July of 1996, in response to the preschool parents asking for a kindergarten, the chairman of the Board of Education contacted Betty Garwood, who was teaching in public school in Sheridan, Wyoming. He asked if she would be able to prepare a kindergarten classroom, order materials, and teach during the 1996-1997 school year. She agreed and in July the voters approved the resolution for implementation of a day school in the fall of 1996, beginning with kindergarten.


Mount Hope Lutheran Preschool began with classes for three and four year old students.


Mount Hope Lutheran School opened for kindergarten for a half day session. The division wall between two Sunday school rooms in the education wing was removed, desks, chalk boards, and bulletin boards were installed, and materials ordered to begin the school year. Enrollment included two students and increased to four by the end of the year.


The Board of Education proposed to the voters that the school offer the kindergarten class alone for one more year, but then the following year add one grade each year through sixth grade. Enrollment in the kindergarten class that fall was eight students. The school library began that year.


Classical Education was adopted as the teaching philosophy of Mount Hope Lutheran School! First grade was added, and we had an enrollment of 16 students.


The second classroom was prepared for students as another wall between the Sunday school rooms was removed and the second grade was added. Enrollment was 23 students.


Third grade was added. Mount Hope Lutheran Church had a delayed vicar, Richard Gaub, assigned to the congregation who served as Headmaster. The teachers wrote a curriculum guide for all subjects for grades K-3. Enrollment was 31 students.


Fourth grade was added this school year, and for the first time a classroom was prepared for students on the lower level of the education wing. Pastor Gaub was called by the congregation as Assistant Pastor and Headmaster. Enrollment in grades K-4 was 44 students.


The fifth grade was added this school year. Enrollment was 51 students.


Sixth grade was added, and the second classroom on the lower level was prepared for this class. At the end of this school year, Pastor Gaub accepted a Call to Alexandria, Virginia. Enrollment was 46 students.


The congregation called Pastor Timothy Heath to be Assistant Pastor/Headmaster. The voters approved adding two additional grades to our school and therefore the final grades of seventh and eighth were added this year. Teachers wrote the curriculum guide for grades four through eight. At the end of this school year Pastor Heath accepted a Call to be Pastor in Holton, Kansas. Enrollment was recorded at 44.


The configuration of the upper grades changed this year: one teacher covered 3rd-5th and another covered 6th-8th. Daily instruction in string instruments began for all students in grades K-8. Enrollment was 33 students.


The staff remained in their previous positions. 35 students were enrolled.


Staff assignments remained the same for grades K-8. Enrollment was 44 students.


Teachers continued with the same grade assignments. Enrollment was 46 students.


Teaching positions remained the same. Mrs. Garwood completed fourteen years of teaching at Mount Hope Lutheran School and retired at the end of the year. Enrollment was 46 students.


There was some turnover in school staff, and enrollment was in the 50’s.


Pastor Hill was elected District President at the end of the previous school year, and Mrs. Hill became the interim Headmaster. Enrollment was 53.


Rev. Dr. Christian Preus was installed in July as our new pastor. The school implemented the House System for the whole year. Enrollment began with 51 and ended with 54.


Mrs. Hill continued as interim Headmaster. Enrollment was 58.


One student stayed for 9th grade. The congregation voted to allow the school to add high school grades in the 2019-2020 school year. The congregation called Pastor Andrew Richard to serve as Assistant Pastor and Headmaster starting in the 2019-2020 school year. Enrollment was 49.


Pastor Andrew Richard began as Headmaster. Several part-time teachers assisted in various subjects as the school added 10th grade.

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