These are the short articles from the weekly Mount Hope Lutheran School Newsletter. Topics include poems, paintings, great literary works, and the philosophy of classical education. You can browse through past articles here on the website, and you can subscribe to receive new ones in your inbox using the form on this page.

Tour of Ephesus

Here strict laws are needed, the first being: Never send thy son to the theater that he may not suffer utter corruption through his ears and eyes

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Hymns of 1524

“It is good and God pleasing to sing hymns…so that God’s Word and Christian teaching might be instilled and implanted in many ways”

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Math Primary Texts

Mathematicians of the past see numbers in unique ways, and this is a significant benefit of reading math primary texts and bringing their ideas into classrooms and curricula.

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A Christmas Hymn

Yea, Peace on earth incarnate lies, And in His little finger Is pow’r that makes the dead to rise And demons scared to linger And God’s own blood there flows within, One drop of which blots out all sin; Thus we have peace of conscience.

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