These are the short articles from the weekly Mount Hope Lutheran School Newsletter. Topics include poems, paintings, great literary works, and the philosophy of classical education. You can browse through past articles here on the website, and you can subscribe to receive new ones in your inbox using the form on this page.

Teaching the Emotions

She didn’t lose anything by telling her emotions that they were wrong. Her experience wasn’t true to reality, and she knew it. The Word of Jesus is true to reality, and she held fast to that.

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The Poem “Conscience” by George Herbert

And the receipt shall be / My Saviour’s blood: whenever at his board / I do but taste it, straight it cleanseth me, / And leaves thee not a word; / No, not a tooth or nail to scratch, / And at my actions carp, or catch.

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Why Math Is Never Enough

Simply stated, Gödel was able to mathematically prove that for any normal system in mathematics, there will always be true statements which you have to assume, but which you can never prove.

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