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Learning with Leonardo

It may seem odd at first, but the life of Leonardo da Vinci provides some interesting insights on the nature of learning.

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The Wings of the Mind

The reason required to do math and geometry well is the same reason our minds rightly use when, equipped with the Word of God, we need to think deeply about philosophical and theological issues in our lives.

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Objective Beauty

As Christians, we meditate on what is lovely, and we seek to look on the beauty of the Lord. Therefore, we occupy ourselves with objectively beautiful things.

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Summer Reading

There is a feast of philosophy, fables, fairy tales, history, poetry, plays, practical manuals, stories, and biographies waiting to be enjoyed.

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Learning Language

By far, the most important reason language should be taught is that Scripture itself was written and continues to be preached with it.

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“The Dawning” by George Herbert

Herbert lets the title of the poem lead in two different directions—to point both to the time of the Resurrection and to the mourner’s dawning realization of the significance of Christ’s rising.

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What Is a Law?

God may be a God of order governing the universe, but without the justification we receive through Christ, our scientific endeavor is still a grasping after the wind.

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