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What Is a Law?

God may be a God of order governing the universe, but without the justification we receive through Christ, our scientific endeavor is still a grasping after the wind.

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Heinrich Schütz

May the true God, in these afflicted times of late, let His holy, pure, true Word live abundantly in the churches, the schools, and with each father in his home…

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What and How

The Word of God tells us the truth: about God, about ourselves, about time and eternity, about sin and redemption—about everything.

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Bach’s St. Matthew Passion

The Passion is not intended for the academic spectator or the casual tourist—it is intended for the Christian. It movingly directs his heart to meditate on and wonder at what Jesus has done for him.

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Why Use Euclid?

Elements seems to be solely concerned with teaching the “what” and not the “how.” It shows the logic behind things like triangles and circles, lets you get to know them well, and helps you understand the logic in them.

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Medieval History in the K-2 Classroom

Learning about the Battle of Tours introduced the students to more than just an isolated event from the distant past—it shows them a link in a beautiful chain of events by which God has caused the preservation of His Church from that time all the way to the present.

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Our Heritage of Lutheran Hymnody

Great hymns like “Salvation unto Us Has Come” teach what God’s Word says in a uniquely beautiful way: not only are they true, but they exemplify the beauty of that truth with beautiful music.

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