These are the short articles from the weekly Mount Hope Lutheran School Newsletter. Topics include poems, paintings, great literary works, and the philosophy of classical education. You can browse through past articles here on the website, and you can subscribe to receive new ones in your inbox using the form on this page.

The Day Is Surely Drawing Near

Lutheran hymns are beautiful for their clear theology grounded in Scripture, and Ringwaldt’s hymn certainly supplies an excellent picture of great terror at God’s judgment and even greater comfort found in Christ.

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Studying Biology and Being as Christians

As we classify the various gifts we have from God in nature, we are better able to understand what place each has in our lives as Christians, how we as Christians should act regarding each gift, and what place we ourselves have in creation as human beings.

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A New Song Be by Us Begun

On this day we give thanks to God for preserving sound doctrine by His Word. The Gospel is our most valuable treasure, and we would gladly lose our lives for it because of the hope we have in Christ.

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The First Lutheran Cantor

Walter set a standard of excellence in Lutheran choral composition that influenced many composers after him, and he is responsible for several of the tunes that are found in Lutheran hymnals.

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Christian Catechesis in the Classroom

It is imperative in any Christian school that catechesis be the central part of education because God’s Word and Sacraments should be the wellspring of all we teach our students.

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