These are the short articles from the weekly Mount Hope Lutheran School Newsletter. Topics include poems, paintings, great literary works, and the philosophy of classical education. You can browse through past articles here on the website, and you can subscribe to receive new ones in your inbox using the form on this page.

“Give Him the Great Things”

“Do not seek how he will live a long life here, but how he will live a boundless and endless life there. Give him the great things, not the little things.”

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The Ivy Green

The brave old plant, in its lonely days, shall fatten upon the past: For the stateliest building man can raise, is the Ivy’s food at last.

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Holy Sonnet X

You only get to die once. Practice scorning death now so that you regard it with the proper contempt when the time comes.

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The Joy of Sonnets

The sonnet form gives the poet precisely 140 syllables in which to make a point. One might think this would be limiting. Quite the opposite.

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