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Wanted: faithful men and women. Who will build them? The family and the Church, with Christ at their head. Will Education be a faithful maidservant, or will she destroy those entrusted to her?

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The Goal of Education Part II: Fides et Caritas

What is the goal of education? Not the acquisition of Mammon. The goal of education is Fides ad Deum, Charitas ad Vicinum, faith toward God, love toward the neighbor. Or as John Chrysostom very nicely sums it up: Χριστιανὸν αὐτὸν ποίησον: Make him a Christian.

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The Goal of Education Part I: Educating for Mammon?

A common goal of education is to turn children into money-makers. This goal has two flaws. First, it treats the child as if he has no soul, as if this body and life are all there is. And second, it pretends that it’s acceptable, and even good, to live for oneself, to amass a pile of Mammon and be satisfied.

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